Exciting News for The Women’s Trading Collective

We are pleased to welcome a new member of staff to the team, Corinne Lewis-Ward!  Corinne has joined us as The Business Development Coordinator for our Women’s Trading Collective Project and will be working to develop products for the project to sell to generate a profit that will be re-invested in to the charity.

The Women’s Trading Collective is an innovative women-led community enterprise project which enables women to gain the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to make progress on their journeys to financial independence through taking part in workshops and sessions geared at developing the WTC as a business.

Corinne has her own business, Powder Butterfly, which produces products and gifts inspired by the architecture and landmarks of British cities, so will be bringing her expertise with business development and design to the project.

To find out more about the project and to get involved, get in touch today.

Dinah Bennett OBE joins our Board

We are so delighted that Dinah Bennett OBE is our latest member to join our Board of Trustees. Dinah has formally joined us having championed the work of The Millin Charity consistently over the past few years, as she has supported women’s empowerment through enterprise across the world. We are privileged to now have Dinah on our Board.

Dinah has enabled people and organisations all over the world to attain enhanced insights into enterprise and entrepreneurship for more than twenty five years, and through her consultancy business ICE (International Consultants in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship), Dinah has persistently pushed the boundaries of current thinking in entrepreneurship.  Dinah was one of the first women to be honoured with the Queen’s Award for Achievement in Enterprise Promotion in 2005, and was awarded an OBE for Services to Women’s Entrepreneurship. She has worked with Government and a range of organisations in the public, private and academic sectors enabling them to recognise the value of supporting women’s enterprise from both a policy and practical perspective.  The result has been increased awareness of the contribution these businesses make to any economy, and a small, but significant, growth in both the number of start-ups and growing businesses where women are playing an executive role.

As a published author, acclaimed speaker and a recognised expert in her field, Dinah’s expertise has added value to  economic policy and practice;  institutional leadership and entrepreneurship; and  engagement with the small business community, and we are now confident that she will also add huge value to The Millin Charity as we move forward to continue our work in the future.

Dinah has formally joined us having championed the work of The Millin Charity consistently over the past few years.