Credit Union branch at The Millin Charity

We are opening a new branch of Moneywise Credit Union on Thursday 11th May at The Millin Charity at our centre at The Beacon on Westgate Road, Newcastle. The branch will be run by our local volunteers, and will open every Thursday from 10.30 am to 11.30 am.

Moneywise credit union is a financial co-operative which offers savings, loans and related financial services to all our members. Anyone who joins will be part of our “common bond”, and for us this means everyone who lives or works in the Tyne and Wear or County Durham areas. Moneywise is a “not for profit” organisation which means that any surplus the credit union makes will be reinvested into their business running costs, and if they make enough they will also pay out a dividend to all members.

To find out more, or to become a member, drop into our centre at the Millin Charity any Thursday between 10.30 and 11.30 am.

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Love your Lanes makes a difference to the West End

The Millin Charity has joined forces with a group of community organisations in the West End of Newcastle to deliver the ‘Love your Lanes’ project.  Supported through grants from the Leaf Environment Fund and the Greggs Foundation, the project has involved the charity consulting with local people getting their ideas about how to improve the terraces area, then encouraging residents to get involved in making their ideas happen.

People have really rolled their sleeves up and got in touch with their creative sides to make this a fantastic local project. Activities have included:

  • Learning woodworking skills to transform old pallets into outside seats and benches;
  • Making planters and learning about gardening, using recycled containers;
  • Litter picking to clear rubbish from around the terraces;
  • Painting gates and garage doors in back lanes to brighten up the area.

This has been a great local initiative with lots of community involvement, providing plenty of opportunities for local residents and their families to work on a collective project while they make improvements to the place they live.

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